Video Transcript

Where’s the courage of our youth?

The courage to believe in yourself?

The courage to never accept the words “You can’t”?

The courage to fight for what you believe in?

The courage to refuse to quit?

Where’s the courage of our youth?

It’s right here.

I’d like to introduce you to a few heroes who refused to quit.

Who, as children, were told:


Turn around.

Go back.

You don’t belong.

But they did not stop.

They did not turn back.

They refused to quit!

And their success, their careers, their achievements became their gifts to us.

They dared to believe in themselves.

But how many talents and gifts are we at risk of losing?

How many kids give up because they lose hope?

If only they knew what the people in these stories know, maybe they, too, would refuse to quit.

It’s time to stop the quitting!

The evidence is here.

There is greatness inside our youth!

Where’s the hope of today’s youth?

It is right here, in the pages of
Prove Them Wrong:
The Kids Who Refused to Quit