Prove Them Wrong: Be the One to Make It Happen

Prove Them Wrong: Be the One to Make It Happen

Prove Them Wrong:
Be the One to Make It Happen

by Nancy Shugart

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Midwest Book Review  

“This book will prove to you that you can do far more than most believe to be possible. Get ready to soar!”
-Jack Canfield,
New York Times bestselling co-author of The Success Principles™

Every great person initially heard the word “impossible.” To achieve breakthrough success, however, it takes a lone voice with the courage to say “It is possible!”

From the Author:

For more than forty years, my impassionate curiosity has driven me to discover how the seemingly impossible plans and dreams are transformed into reality. Who are the individuals who push the limits of what’s possible? What is their secret? How do they defy the odds?

You will meet such people in this book. More importantly, you will learn the seven powers that, when developed, can thrust you into their circle of high-achievers with the confidence to step away from the naysayers and blaze your own trail.

The jaw-dropping achievers you’ll meet in this book soared to success in business, education, high tech careers, the military, sports, writing, real estate, and so much more despite unrelenting barriers and naysayers shouting—

You can’t!

Faced with advice to give up on their life-long dreams, they determined they would prove them wrong and they would be the ones to make it happen. More importantly, they’ll tell you how they did it! Get ready to discover and harness the incredible power that is waiting to go to work for you today!


“This wonderful book shows you how to overcome limiting beliefs and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!”
-Brian Tracy,
bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling


“Read this book and discover what’s truly possible.”
Dr. Joe Vitale,
author of The Miracle


“Throughout this book, Nancy Shugart proves there is nothing stronger or more inspiring than the raw will of the human spirit.”
-Heidi Murray,
COO, Leadership Women


“Nancy Shugart provides a guide to achieving our highest goals, even when the rest of the world says we can’t.”
—Matthew Pollard,
CSP, author of The Introvert’s Edge, Founder and Executive Director of Small Business Festival