Kim Olson

True warriors rarely pick their battles, they are chosen for them. Nancy is a true warrior who reminds us all of that in her book, Prove Them Wrong. Read it and live it, and you too can be a warrior.

Matthew Pollard, CSP

Through empowering and inspirational stories of real people who ignored the naysayers, held firm to their passions, and accomplished their dreams, Nancy Shugart provides a guide to achieving our highest goals, even when the rest of the world says we can’t. A powerful reminder that if we believe in ourselves and do the work, anything… Continue reading Matthew Pollard, CSP

Heidi Murray

Throughout this book, Nancy Shugart proves what we all know – there is nothing stronger or more inspiring than the raw will of the human spirit. Discover how unlikely leaders powered through their barriers and achieved extraordinary success and how you, too, can do the same.

Brian Tracy

This wonderful book shows you how to overcome your limiting beliefs and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

Jack Canfield

This book will prove to you that you can do far more than most believe to be possible. Nancy Shugart did that in her own life. She is the perfect one to tell you how she and so many others did it. Get ready to soar!

Dr. Joe Vitale

I don’t believe anything is impossible. The only limits are ones of perception. It’s time to face your fears and take action. Read this book and discover what’s truly possible.