Client Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Nancy speak to special education administrators and professionals at a state conference, and at another time, my school district’s parents and community members. I look forward to her coming back soon for our campus administrators. Nancy shares her story, message, and guidance in such a genuine, insightful and thought provoking manner. She captures her audience immediately and connects us to multiple concepts…the angst of adolescence, coming to terms with having a disability, and lessons about confronting challenges, learning and living to reach higher and how we can teach and support children to learn, to become independent and persevere, and to “prove them wrong”.”

-Carol Bushnell
Executive Director of Special Education, North East ISD, San Antonio

“Nancy – your Keynote and Workshop were both excellent. The early feedback and comments are outstanding. You provided real value, practical tips, tools for our HR toolboxes, and the Best Practices sharing in small groups was well integrated into the workshop, so thank you for listening to what we said that we wanted, and for providing it.

Your story is so compelling, but you deliver much more than a compelling story. Often, when we hear from speakers who have faced challenges and overcome difficulties in their lives, we are moved by the story, but a few days later, it’s difficult to apply what we heard to our own lives and professions. You connected the dots in a way that was compassionate, humorous, and practical. Your pragmatism comes through and that is part of your gift.”

-Karen Smithson
Co-VP of Diversity & Inclusion for AHRMA (Austin Human Resource Management Association)

“Ms. Shugart presented in Katy ISD to our teachers and administrators and also to our parent group. Her inspirational story about her life and the roadblocks she encountered that made her the person she is today provides a backdrop to all the roadblocks we have faced in our lives that we had to overcome. Through her stories she takes you on a journey of self-discovery that leads us down the road to how to overcome those roadblocks and become the best person each of us can be no matter what the obstacle is that is in front of us. Her personal triumph in her own life makes the audience realize nothing is impossible. Thanks Nancy for sharing your personal journey but also for allowing us to reflect on our own journey and what we had to do to get us where we are today and all the people that helped us to reach our goals.”

-Brian Malechuk, Ed.D
Executive Director for Special Education, Katy ISD, Katy, TX

“Nancy Shugart hit a home run as the keynote speaker with her topic “Prove them Wrong: Be the One to Make it Happen” for our July 2014 annual conference of The Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education. The audience was comprised of more than 700 school administrators and special education coordinators from across Texas.

Nancy’s message was powerful, unique, and very entertaining. She connected with our members through her personal story, while gently weaving in vital lessons that are relevant to our industry. The standing ovation she received was clear evidence that she brought value to the event.”

-Theresa Parsons
Executive Director, Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education

“Nancy, if you could see all the evaluations and comments from your presentation at the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, your heart would sing. The standing ovation was a well-deserved tribute to your passion and power-packed message. Thank you for bringing your gifted talent to the Women’s Chamber, and thank you for your generous words. We are blessed to attract such high-caliber members to our great organization — you among them.”

-Rose Batson
President of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

“Your message was right on target. You gave us so much more than any of us could have expected!”

-Dennis M. Heitkamp, Governor
Lions District 2-S3

“Oh my word!!! Oh my gosh!!! You had me and the entire audience mesmerized throughout your speech. Everyone was listening intently because you were interesting and funny. You brought our emotions to the surface. You blew me away with your speech! I got goose bumps several times through out it. Your sense of humor, enthusiasm, message, and storytelling are the pinnacle of public speaking.”

-Debi Sigrest
audience member, Mary Kay Consultant

“This is Sherrian Morgan from the Transition Institute in Pasadena, Texas. Remember, I am the one who was so excited about your presentation that I had to give you a much deserved standing ovation. Then I had to come and give you a hug because you couldn’t see me stand up. I just finished reading some of the information from your website and I must say that it is as awesome as it is to meet you. No, actually meeting you in person is the icing on the cake. You are simply fantastic! I am so blessed by having met you. You are my inspiration! The presentation was great and the entertainment to go along with it was awesome. You bring to the table hope and a never give up attitude. You remind me of the greatness that is in each of us if we only believe and never give up. I know that I don’t need to tell you this, but continue to ‘Prove Them Wrong’!”

-Sherrian Morgan

“I would like to express my thanks for your presentation at the recent monthly meeting of the Austin Retired Teachers Association. In one way, the name of our organization is a bit of a misnomer since we have representation from all levels of educators-teachers, administrators (both central and campus level) and various classified personnel. As Program Chair, I am always looking for unique and relevant programs. Your program certainly fit that category, and then some. Your talk was inspirational, humorous, and thought provoking. I know that a wide range of groups would enjoy hearing what you have to say.”

-Wes Braden

“Nancy Shugart was a tremendous success in speaking at our Teacher Institute to begin our school year. Nancy spoke to an audience of approximately 1200 employees, a group made mostly of teachers but also contained administrators and some support personnel. Nancy challenged the group not only through her presentation and its content, but even more so through her courage and determination to perform so effectively despite her disability. In a most appropriate way, Nancy challenged our teachers to meet the needs of every child, without regard to whatever conditions might limit that child’s abilities. Nancy was entertaining as well as motivating. She was a tremendous success, and we enjoyed so much her visit with us. I would recommend her highly.”

-Jim Nash
Director of Personnel
Madison County Schools, AL

“Your luncheon address was truly riveting. It was perhaps the most provocative of the many inspirational talks I have heard in my 20 years as a Lion and my 35-year professional career. Furthermore, it fit in superbly with the rest of the conference program. I left thinking of how many other people I wish had been there to hear from you.”

-Lion Alan W. Ford, CPA
Austin, Texas