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Be the One to Make It Happen: Nancy Shugart at TEDx Texas Tech University


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Nancy Shugart on Facebook

Hats off to #guide dog Figo for maintaining his focus when a bus was headed straight for him and his owner who is blind! My precious guide dog Porsche watched that story and said, "Mom, I'd do the same for you!" And I know he would!
Figo maintained his focus and today everyone is calling him a hero! We need more heroes. We need your answers. Focus. Be phenomenal!
And to Porsche, I say, you can finish your nap and then we're out the door. Drivers, please be careful out there!
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Achieving one's goals is a lot like standing in line at the grocery store. This morning, I was in line, waiting patiently, and my precious guide dog Porsche, who I have many endearing names for, was waiting patiently by my side. "You are such a good boy, Sweet Pea," I said. Immediately I heard a man's voice next to me say, "Well, thank you Ma'am." Lesson - It's good to say what you mean but it means nothing if it's aimed at an unintended recipient! Oops! ... See MoreSee Less

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More evidence of what happens when a person chooses to prove the naysayers wrong!
Famous Failures - Time 2:59
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